Working with me

My mission is to empower women to embrace their unique worth, radiate confidence, and feel like a million-dollar bucks in every aspect of their lives.

We Specialize in providing transformative spiritual coaching and guidance to women who seek to elevate their personal success in work, family, love life, and health. Through a holistic approach that integrates ancient wisdom and modern practices, we foster a sacred space of healing, self-discovery, and spiritual connection that results is awakening the inner light, finding inner peace, and living life full with authenticity, purpose, and joy.

Allow me to paint you a picture of what life using “Hibur Le Muda’ut AL” is like:

Being aware and practicing spirituality daily gets you to the "flow" and itis the first stepping stone to mastering your life, but it doesn’t end there. "Hibur le Muda'ut Al" means so much more. As you raise your awareness, you are getting on the right track toward being a Creator of your life. Life becomes more balanced and seems less and less full of ‘have-to’s,’ burdens, and a lack of purpose. Also, you become less dependent on fleeting moments of pleasure like eating ice cream or taking a vacation.

"Hibur Le Muda'ut Al" strategies teach you how you can offer a certain vibration that creates balance and harmony in your life— so it’s not necessarily for people or circumstances to change—so you feel good. Sometimes, the change in yourself alone is enough to do the work. "Hibur le Muda'ut Al" supports you in creating a Creator’s consciousness, so you can ease on your life and witness your benefitting influence on others.

The quantic jump happens when you dare to live in Oneness with all of your four parts, the Soul, the Spirit, the Mind, and the Body as a whole. Being in Oneness means that you are becoming the source of things while adapting the qualities of the Creator. In this phase, being in One and finding your life purpose are the same.

This is a completely different phase of quality of life. At this stage:

  • You know that life is abundant and that things in life are energy and not just a ‘thing.’
  • You stop measuring your success by money or results and live in the ‘here and the now’ while also relaxing into joy.
  • You learn how to receive things with no effort by being mindful, listening, and leveraging your metaphysical senses, which are synced to everything the Universe has to offer.
  • In this place, you are inspired by the Inner Being that mobilizes you to the ‘next thing,’ and the world becomes a reflection of your beauty. Your inner beauty has always been there, but it was covered with walls and masks. As you learn how to deactivate them, you are reconnected to the sources of your angelic nature.
  • You are where the past, present, and future converge, so in this sense, there’s no such thing as fate or future; it’s you who is creating it.

I was fortunate to walk the path that leads to Oneness. Like an experienced travel guide, I know and experienced the obstacles on the way, I know every corner, so I now know how to lead others successfully and safely to their destination.

To help you achieve lasting success, we’ve structured a methodology as follows:

First, you need to be willing and opened to get help so we can give you specific guidance based on your needs now.

You’ll be completing a self-assessment that will help us to guide you on how best to proceed.

After that, we’ll have a call-meeting and, hopefully, show you why “Hibur Le Muda’ut Al" is the answer to most of your personal or professional struggles.

Along with the good stuff, We’ll show you how not only to help yourself but also how to effectively help your family and friends.

Next, we’ll share with you all the steps and strategies included in "Hibur Le Muda’ut AL". This is the method we personally use to help ourselves and our students and families to feel like million-dollar bucks and gain better quality of personal and professional lives. We’re excited to share it with you.

The goal is for you to can’t help yourself but smile at the sight of the person in the mirror who increasingly creates meaningful and sustainable success in her life.

What people say

“The impacts these lessons have had in my life are immeasurable. As a person that strongly believe in the benefits of meditation, the lessons and frequencies are so much more. I am grateful to have you as my guide through this journey”.

"Thanks to the teachings, I am full with inner strength, am calm and have more patience. The change I am experiencing from within, is evident also externally as I lost significant weight". 
Originally translated from Hebrew, source: here

I had a strong desire to change my life. Thanks to "Hibur le Mu'daut AL" and the support of my guide – I I was cured from a deep depression...The tools I received helped me to heal myself. The depression is gone and I’m free from antidepressant for almost two years now."

“The healing frequencies are simply wonderful! As many other people I’m facing many challenges and looking for tools to ease on my life. Glad I found them- Thank you so much!”.

“Since practicing "Hibur le Muda'ut Al" I feel better, sleep better, and experience much less pain.  Thank you, thank you, thank you”.

“I was looking for answers and tried to understand the meaning of my life. I took many other courses, and read every book but still had difficulties. the frequencies made the diffrence for me. Knowledge isn't enough. I succeeded in resolving problems that I used to get stuck on in the past”.