What is “Hibur le Muda'ut AL”?


“Hibur le Muda'ut AL” spiritual awareness teachings were given by a superior energy guidance group that streamed through Ben Ha’elohim (a term in Hebrew that means a soul that was from the beginning loyal to god), medium Laila Barzeski. The lessons were channeled and brought to humanity for the purpose of helping mankind to enhance the way it handles everyday life and provide it the ability to remediate emotional, mental, physical pain and even sickness. From this perspective, our health is hindered by a non-benefiting consciousness.

The program provides humanity with primary knowledge, understandings, spiritual awareness and powerful energy healing frequencies so students can help themselves, their friends and clients. The understandings and energetic tools are easy to apply, effective and have a great impact on balancing the physical-mental-emotional bodies. Their influence is vast and fast.

Every lesson addresses a different topic that comes with related insights and meditative healing frequencies that can be applied for the benefit of individuals and groups. Each session includes both Questions and Answers- a part that deepens the knowledge and understanding. The questions were asked by students and were answered by a superior energy guidance group. 

At the beginning of each meeting, students receive a short frequency that charges them. The charging frequency helps to prepare the physical body to contain the lesson. without the charge the teachings cannot be done. Reading this website or related books alone is not enough as they do not contain/provide the frequencies and the energy tools. He who wants to receive and execute the knowledge and tools must be charged prior to each lesson and be mentored by a human instructor. 

As they were channeled live, “Hibur le Mu’daut AL” teachings were recorded and are available in an audio format. In addition, the teachings were transcribed accurately according to the original live channelings and were put together as a book, without any additional explanations or changes. . 

The knowledge is brought in the Hebrew language but there’s no need to understand Hebrew. There is importance for the language it was channeled in; reading the transcripts in Hebrew has an energetic value that your soul understands, even if your logic doesn’t. The channeled Hebrew language awakens the spiritual senses that remember the frequencies that were descended in the channelings. This memory enables a deep connection and understanding of the channeled message.

Therefore, it is of great importance to receive the “charging  frequency”  before every lesson and to listen to the recordings of the original channeling in Hebrew. All souls understand the Hebrew language regardless of where you live and what native language you speak.

All lessons are part of a process of knowledge that is still streaming through Laila Barzeski who continues to bring refined knowledge till this very day. 

What does it mean “Ben Ha’Elohim” and who’s Laila Barzeski?

Laila Barzeski is Ben Ha'Elohim and a channeler of elevated guidance that brought humanity the primary knowledge and frequencies of "Hibur le Mu’daut AL".  Ben Ha'elohim is a term in Hebrew which means: "A soul that was from the beginning loyal to God". Its purpose is to help humanity by bringing mankind primary knowledge that was lost for too many years.

Why “Hibur le Mu’daut Al”?

  • Experience immediate value and learn how to apply life-changing healing techniques to yourself, your friends and clients.  
  • There are many consciousness/coaching programs and tutors out there but their teachings do not contain New Era energy frequencies. The frequencies of "Hibur le Mu’daut Al" are embedded on the DNA and consciousness levels to guarantee you with lasting results that will help you - as long as you want to- for  a lifetime and beyond.
  • It's primary knowledge and that means that it contains high energy power which is pure, whole, and unprocessed.
  • Affordable and accessible path of spiritual growth – If you wish to set yourself on your next spiritual expansion it doesn't have to cost a fortune.