Dr. Dalia Olshvang, P.hD; MBA
"Hibur le Muda'ut AL"
Spiritual Enlightenment Teachings

Before I embarked on my spiritual journey, changing myself was the last thing on my mind. Life was good to me, filled with love for my family and satisfaction in my career. I believed back then that practicing spirituality was a luxury, unrelated to real-life challenges.


Little did I know that years later, after thinking I had achieved success - a career, a Ph.D. diploma, and a supportive family - one day, I’d break down. I learned the hard way the importance of raising my awareness and being prepared in advance rather than reacting when caught in the flurry of life's waves.


I made all the mistakes drowning people do. In the beginning, I was running away from the problems, believing that if I ran far enough, they would disappear. When that didn't work, I shared the problems with whomever I could, even got professional help, believing that by sharing the problem, then the problem might go away. However, the mental pain was too strong. 


The shift came after I committed myself to personal growth and embarked on the spiritual journey of 'Hibur le Muda'ut Al,' spiritual teachings.


Slowly, I witnessed a transformation within myself. I became less reactive, shedding away over sensitivity and defensiveness. I found strength in silence and action instead of worries and fears. Applying the practical energy strategies and tools from 'Hibur le Muda'ut Al,' I navigated life's challenges with more resilience and grace.


Through these spiritual teachings, I learned how to heal myself and others, how to get into balance, be more proactive and less reactive, and diffuse fears and stress in a much more efficient way than in any other method I had experienced before.


Through the teachings, my family and friends discovered how to overcome obstacles and bring more joy into their lives in much less time and energy than they experienced before. They were energized during the process and experienced the energetic change right from the start. The method started to work for them. Really well. So well that they continued to deepen their learning and acquire more tools and strategies the program offers. 


Fast forward, I started coaching individuals and groups who wanted to have the same experience, and the rest is history. Because of how “Hibur Le Muda’ut AL” impacted my life and the lives of many others, I dedicate my life today to empowering women to embrace their unique worth, radiate confidence, and feel like million-dollar bucks so they create repeatedly and consistently success in all aspects of life.


And I want to help you do this too.