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Our flagship workshops:

Less Stress for success


Purpose of the workshop


Provide a glimpse to a new world of improved tools to mitigate stress and change in everyday life. The workshop unlocks some of the questions of why we face stress and offers a new way and tools for stress reduction.


Workshop Highlights:


  • Forget what you know about good stress management skills
  • How and why stress happens?
  • Balancing healing meditation
  • Closure and tips for improved stress reduction.


At home lectures for groups and gatherings;
Woman clubs

The Power of Your Inner Being 
- Including harmonising healing treatment -


Purpose of the workshop


Experiential workshop that introduces the participants with improved techniques to develop a greater awareness of the subtle forces that shape their experiences and how to unlock the freedom and success they are capable of.

Workshop Highlights:

  • Expereince the power of your Inner Being
  • The lost knowledge of the ancient wisdom of how to restore our balance
  • How to approach life with more creativity and intelligence?
  • Understand why the world we are living in is so CRAZY and what does it have to do with us?
  • Get knowledge and practical techniques to get into deep and relaxed state

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