You were born to do amazing things. You know that since you've been little. But ou're still searching. Searching for the key to unlock the level of success, the freedom you want and capable of. You've been looking for solutions. You tried everything you know but you didn't figure it out- yet.

In this free training I want to show you how simple it can be!

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    If you want to deepen your spiritual connection and are open to discover new possibilities and ways to reach your full potential.

    If you had already made a number of life changes and may have tried many different avenues of coaching / personal development but still feel something lacking, I can help you take the next step forward.


    Who am I?

    During the years I thought that I had it all- a career, a PHD diploma, a supportive family… Until one day everything broke into pieces and I hit the rock bottom 😔. I started a journey of spiritual awakening.


    For a long time I sought teachers, therapists, guides, mindfulness, sports, nutrition, books  that could help me. Nothing didn't last for long. One day I decided to learn and practice "Hibur le Mu'daut AL" teachings. I laid down, listened to the teachings and the embedded frequencies within them - I felt an immediate relief and confidence to continue my journey with a better and new set of tools. While experiencing the frequencies, I felt as if I'm at home! I got finally the answers I searched for many years.


    I learned how to heal myself and others, how to get into balance, be more proactive and less reactive, diffuse fears and stress in a much efficient way than in any other method I've experienced before!


    I discovered how simple it could be to feel free from concerns and doubts. I learned how to create repeatedly and consistently success in all aspects of my life. The teachings changed my life and it could also change your life. TODAY.


    Every cell of my body tells me that it’s my vocation and destiny to mentor others to realize themselves, bring improve ease and balance to their life and set themselves FREE. 


    What is "Hibur le Muda'ut Al"?


    "Hibur le Muda’ut Al'' is a step-by-step program that brings primary knowledge, frequencies and efficient pragmatic tools that greatly and quickly balance the soul-spirit-mind-body connection. By opening a channel to the Inner Being, the students bring forward their innate abilities to change and enhance their life.


    The program was received via channeling by Ben Ha’Elohim*, Laila Barzeski. The frequencies of the program balance and clear energy blocks in the physical body and ease pain and even illness.


    *Ben Ha’Elohim - A soul that was from the beginning loyal to God.

    What sets us apart?

    • We are bridging the gap between traditional coaching/consciousness studies and spiritual enlightenment.  We provide you with knowledge and tools that will help you in your life so that you can experience the value, rather than just being told what it is.
    • Impactful frequencies embeded in a primary knowledge - There are many consciousness  courses and tutors out there but they are lacking the secret sauce of energy frequencies. "Hibur le Muda'ut Al" frequencies are embedded on the DNA and consciousness level to gurantee you lasting results.
    • Pure, whole, unprocessed primary knowledge.
    • Affordable path of growth.

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      What People Say

      “The impacts these lessons have had in my life are immeasurable. As a person that strongly believe in the benefits of meditation, the lessons and frequencies are so much more. I am grateful to have you as my guide through this journey”.

      "Thanks to the teachings, I am full with inner strength, am calm and have more patience. The change I am experiencing from within, is evident also externally as I lost significant weight". 
      Originally translated from Hebrew, source: here

      I had a strong desire to change my life. Thanks to "Hibur le Mu'daut AL" and the support of my guide – I I was cured from a deep depression...The tools I received helped me to heal myself. The depression is gone and I’m free from antidepressant for almost two years now."

      “The healing frequencies are simply wonderful! As many other people I’m facing many challenges and looking for tools to ease on my life. Glad I found them- Thank you so much!”.

      “Since practicing "Hibur le Muda'ut Al" I feel better, sleep better and experience much less pain.  Thank you, thank you, thank you”.

      “I was looking for answers and tried to understand the meaning of my life. I took many other courses, read every book but still had difficulties. the frequencies made the diffrence for me. Knowledge isn't enough. I succeeded in resolving problems that I used to get stuck on in the past”.


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