The New Paradigm – Getting into Solution Mode

Each one of us comes with problems of living. There’s a unique scenario with EACH PERSON and this is as it should be. There are upsets. Things are not always as they seem. Suddenly some of you find yourself yanked away from something that was comfortable. Suddenly some of you find issues that never were there before: health, abundance, survival. Some of you have issues with family… 

Our problems are often similar ones which the others have too. What makes the problems unique is that now YOU have them. Perhaps you perceive yourself as an awared individual but just because you know how things work, and who you are, it does not exempt you from some of these things.

The Old Way of Solving Problems

There are many things that people do in order to solve their problem, the list is long but here is a short list of a few of them:

  1. Run– running away from the problem as if they run far enough, it will not be there when they get back…, some occupy their brains with other stuff, others ignore the problem…This category includes many other behaviors, all of them are done because people believe it’ll make them feel better (avoiding pain).
  2. Trying to Get Rid of the problem- trying to get rid of the problem or equally sit down and worry rather than facing the problem directly and solve it.
  3. Blame others, accuse the circumstances and conditions…
  4. Share- There are people with problems in front of them that decide that if they share them with enough people, they will go away! They call all of their friends and they tell them all about it. They tell them about it over and over and over, thinking that perhaps by sharing it over and over, some day it will go away. They feel if they could just get more people involved, the issue might get diluted. They actually don’t want suggestions or solutions. 
  5. Shut Down mode- When all else fail, some people go into crisis of biology – a shut down mode and have this thought “it is better to be sick or die than to face the problem”.

These examples are normal reactions which belong to a traditional or Old way of doing things. Even those who perceive themselves conscious people that are aware of themselves, will have the temptation to go to the old way of solving problems, until they catch themselves in it and move on to what will work more effectively.

Sometimes the answers come in a way that we cannot understand in a linear way of thinking.

“Our problems are often similar ones which the others have too. What makes the problems unique is that now YOU have them”.

How to create win-win solutions in your own life?

What can you do in order to get an elegant win-win solution? Let’s examine that for a moment.

A conscious and enlightened person – the one who knows who they are – the one who is connected to his intuition and inner energy- will do three things, which represent an entirely different paradigm:

    1. Analyze metaphorically WHY the problem exists. This stage is important as this is the key to What’s next. They will look at their problem and say, “Why has this been brought to me? Why is it part of my realm? “why I’m involved in this situation?” They know that there is something for them here and they will stay open and curious. They know that if they face a challenge, that means that they have the capacity to solve it. that the solution is already there, they just didn’t find it yet. They will not ask for the solution, but for PEACE over it. This is very wise…. First must come balance and peace. Next… revelation and complete solution. PEACE over worry is absolutely necessary for a win for all solution! This is very different way of handling problems, as most of us most of the time usually run to solve problems and seek to Do things before being in Peace.

    2. Take RESPONSIBILITY for the problem, regardless of how big it is or what has happened – regardless if it appeared to be an accident or not – they will say “At some level, I own it, and therefore I can solve it.” It is not “something that has happened to them.” There’s no victimization.

    3. EXPECT SYNCHRONICITY. Now this is critical. Gone are the days when things are handed to you and done for you where all you do is sit and say thank you. You’re not going to be able to sit at home and have good things fall upon you anymore. It is the RESPONSIBILITY of the higher self within you that gives you the ABILITY and the gift to STAND UP and make things happen. Nothing is going to happen, until you stand up and push on those doors of life. Make the calls that seemingly never did anything before, and watch the results. Get together with other people and find out what synchronistic things take place to allow for your life to move forward.

    The last item is for you to OWN THE CONCEPT that for every problem, no matter how large, there is a solution that has been created already – one that it is available and that it is grander than you can imagine. It exists with your name on it so you are the only one who can solve it.

    What are you going do with that problem that you’re handling now?

    If you choose not to fully understand the problem that you face, the problem that rests there, will not be dissolved from the root cause. You’ll experience the problem in many various and different ways, over and over, to give you another chance to see through it. So, you’ll always have a chance to solve it… You have the freedom of choice to put it right back where it was. You have full choice and permission to flee from it – worry about it – create drama – even go into shut down mode. All of those things are yours to do. You also have permission to look at it and see it for what it is – something very small in the cosmic theme of things – something which has a solution that you prepared a long time ago. It is often covered metaphorically with tears until you discover it’s gift.

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