3 rules of thumb for how to choose your next professional of guided change

People wish for happiness, freedom, success, love, more money… but too much resistance and obstacles stand in their way to the perfect lives they want. Their patterns of thought and behavior were shaped in such a young age and are rooted so deep, that sometimes only ‘superpowers’ that go beyond their ratio and physical body can help.

There are many conscious/awareness methods that may help and it’s important to know how to choose the right one for you.

1- Say no to gurus: Any method that is represented  by a “guru”, a person who the followers depend on or on his absolute direction and thoughts, detracts from the people ability to rely on their self-power. This is a safe receipt for deviation from your happiness path.

2- No comfort zones- Any method that leads to self-depreciation, is  flawed. As much as it’s inconvenient to step out of the comfort zone and struggle with self beliefs and old patterns, true methods require it as part of the relief and change process. If it’s not challenging, then no change will happen.

Change is not an act of magic. We wish we could take a pill, go to sleep and wake up in a whole better new reality. But the fact is that before our reality changes, we need to  change from within – rewire our attitude, our thoughts, our feelings. Release patterns of thought that do not serve us and remove the clutter that exists on our path.

3- No “if-then” scheme of things: Any method that bases its power on intimidation, separation (‘us and them’). That base its strength on rewards and punishment mechanisms (if you don’t do what we told you/What we need/What we expect you to – you’ll be punished/ill/ or equally will not get our support or love. This is wrong. This is a flawed method as there are no punishments for misbehavior, only lessons learned and life experiences that teaches us and calls us to become our better self.

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