Why Self-Care Matters?

~”Be careful when a naked person offers you a shirt” (Maya Angelou)

For many people it is a surprise to begin to talk about themselves when we are speaking about generosity. For some it is more difficult to accept than give things. The fact is that if we do not know how to accept we also do not know how to give! And if we think that giving is such a good virtue, why then do we not let others fully experience this joy?

Giving is an innate quality of our mind. Sometimes we do not see it because other things obscure it. But it is always there. The way the mind acts is that it really does not distinguish if we are generous inside – with ourselves or outside, and share it with others. Sometimes it is natural to think that if it does not come naturally, or if we are not feeling it, so it is not natural. It does not matter much. If we want to create a space for generosity we need to create a path for it. It needs the right conditions to rise.

Generosity is always there. Sometimes the clouds obscure it, but it is like a blue sky- it is always there. Sometimes our thinking, our judgment mind obscures it.


Take time to be generous to yourself. do something nice to yourself. Not something big like blowing your money on an expensive vacation… something small that gives you time. space. Even if you do not feel generous, practice it. The clouds do begin to disperse. Generosity is inside us even though we cannot always feel it. It is always present with us. Living with this idea is at itself more than enough.

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