“Teach me how to be happy” – the most important things to know about happiness

Judy called me and asked me:  “teach me how to be happy”

I cannot teach you, I replied. Happiness is innate in you, you don’t learn to be happy, you chose to  be happy and then you practice it.

Happiness is a journey. It’s a result, an outcome of many other choices  we make during our life. It’s not a stand alone quality that happens out of the blue.

The thing is that So many powerful forces take us farther away from this innate sense of happiness. The list is long: ego, fear, hatred, frustration, jealousy, arrogance…  Those overwhelming senses do not make happiness disappear, but they obscure it and throw us off balance.

Happiness doesn’t mean smiling all day long or that all things are perfect in your life. It’s more about the underlying sense of contentment, fulfillment and satisfaction. Happiness appears as long as you support the conditions it needs, internally and externally. Only then can we expect to experience more happiness in our life.

The only way to reconnect to happiness is practicing it each day. All you need to do is take time off for yourself for 10 minutes and pause for a meditation. The advantage of meditation is that you really feel and experience the sense of happiness, it doesn’t stay as an obscure idea or just a word. The more you practice, The more your mind gets used to it and chooses this path in a natural way. At the beginning  it may seem mechanic but after a while it benefits much the overall quality of life.

There are three main supportive ‘gates’ to cross in order to support happy mind and provide it the right conditions to thrive: Kindness, playfulness and balance.

Get Started

Recognizing what support the feeling of happiness needs helps to reconnect it. Sometimes being happy is hard. By reminding ourselves of how it feels we appreciate happiness and wave it in our life.

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