How to make stress go away?(Come With Clarity)

“Spacious mind, brightness, lightness are already there. If you practice your awareness daily, not just in stressful moments, your mind is more likely to know how to handle it”.

Very often when we feel stressed, we tend to project it on other people and things around us. There is something interesting in learning how to master and control the way you react to things outside. Learning to train the mind and be detached when you experience overwhelming emotions is a skill. When you feel frustration, pain, sadness, anger, stress and instead of yelling at someone or going to sleep you just say to yourself- “oh, I’m exercising now anger/frustration/stress.” or- this experience is so frustrating, may sound crazy/weird to some of us but it is an unusual (different) way of thinking from what we are used to.  Reality in many cases is essentially a mirror to our feelings. It shows us what we are feeling, and what we project on others.

When we sit down and pause, it enforces us to see situations clearly. It forces us to address the situation. The point is not calming the mind. It is more about developing the sense of ease when we bring the mind back and focus on ourselves. When we feel more comfortable with ourselves and the mind sets down, tension decreases. then we are aware of how we are feeling, what is going on in the mind and we can approach life in a healthier way.

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