“Gates” to happiness- Playfulness

What can we do in our lives to provide the right conditions to a happy mind? Fundamental sense of joy, playfulness is something most people neglect in their life. Most of the people most of the time take themselves too seriously.

Joyfulness cannot be created in an artificial manner. There’s an innate quality of joyfulness in our mind, it’s always present, just sometimes it’s obscured. What we need to do is recognize what we are doing that obscures it then letting go of it.

Bringing enjoyment to everyday life cultivates the sense of lightness. We may experience it through Yoga practice, meditation, smiling, laughing. It’s not about trying to create it, it’s more about noticing what to give up.

Get started

Find a time to reconnect with joyfulness, smile, laugh. The more times you experience it, even if it’s for a few moments, the more naturally the feeling of enjoyment will come.

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