“Gates” to happiness- Balance

When we have Balance in our mind then contentment comes more easily.

When we are overwhelmed by emotions or have a tendency to run away with thoughts it’s quite difficult for balance and happiness to rise in the mind. It’s still there but we are not present and we lose the connection with it. That’s the main reason why sometimes we know what we want but it ‘s hard for us to choose it. Let’s say we want to stop eating cakes. We’ve committed to that. But if we are full with overwhelming feelings we lose the connection to this promise and find ourselves eating that cake.

When the mind is wandering off, when we get distracted, we are not able to be present, make productive thinking and make good choices.

Get Started

Notice what throws you off balance. Is it an external thing? particular situations or people in your life? Or is it internal? particular thoughts? emotional patterns? it could be useful to notice what is is that takes you farther away from this innate sense of happiness.

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